A Little About Me

I’m your typical scarf-knitting, bird-feeding tree hugger who lives on the western fringes of Portland, Oregon. When I write, I start with regular people with regular lives … but then something strange happens. Whether it’s fiction, fantasy, magical realism or genre-bending, you can count on something just a little peculiar from my stories.


I earned an MFA in Popular Fiction at the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast program. My Pushcart-nominated fiction has been published in Nightscape Press’s “Nox Pareidolia”, Third Flatiron’s “Hidden Histories”, Not a Pipe Publishing’s “The Year of Publishing Women’s Short Stories” series, Crossed Genres, and Every Day Fiction.

You can contact me at : info AT elizabethbeechwood DOT com.

2 thoughts on “A Little About Me

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    I’m delighted to have met you today while you took my digits and inspired me towards my property dreams. You’re the type of local artist we would like to include in one of our retreats, either as a participant or as a speaker. You made me smile today!

    Enjoy life and be great at all you do.



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