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Just Beyond the Shore was included in Nightscape Press’s NOX PAREIDOLIA anthology. This anthology won the 2019 This is Horror Award for Best Anthology! You can purchase your copy at Amazon.

No time to read a short story? That’s okay – Yes, Yes, Yes, We Remember was released as a podcast by Third Flatiron! Listen to it for free here.

Dear Communist Dog Catcher was published in Itty Bitty Writing Space in June 2019. You can purchase your copy at Powell’s City of Books or Amazon.

Yes, Yes, Yes, We Remember was published in Hidden Histories by Third Flatiron in April 2019. You can purchase your copy at Amazon.

The Painted Ponies of Wiley Creek is included in Strongly Worded Women: The Best of the Year of Publishing Women: An Anthology. You can purchase your copy at Powell’s City of Books or Amazon.

Stone Dove is featured in Crossed Genres.

Dandelion Girl is featured in Every Day Fiction.

Back to the Garden was featured in Every Day Fiction.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your post about writing from an animal’s POV. it is most helpful as i am exploring writing from my cat’s mind! I also totally loved your story Stone Dove. It is so moving and imbues everything with so much life and reality. Keep loving and writing!

  2. Hello Elizabeth, thank you for your informative piece on writing from an animal’s POV. I think I may have found a voice in this POV, but for adults (or YA) because I like to combine it with a bit of dark humor (like David Sedaris’ Vigilant Rabbit).
    I’ve been told by people in the field though that publishers generally shy away from the animal POV for adults, I presume they feel there is no market for it.
    Have you come across this in your ventures? I’m going to be writing this for myself anyway, because I feel there is so much potential there, but would you have any advice as to how to tackle this obstacle?
    Thank you and all the best with your writing,
    Rosa Lea

    • Thank you for your comment, Rosa, and your question.
      Perhaps the answer is in how adults think of their pets – lots of owners consider their pets to be their children, and treat them as perpetual infants or children. And I think many writers like to portray animal characters as childlike and innocent. This can be an issue for adult audiences as far as character arc and epiphanies are concerned. After all, the reader must relate to this character on a HUMAN level, right? Creating an innocent animal character that appeals to adults can be difficult. Think of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. They are childlike and innocent, and yet they think deeply. Or Enzo from The Art of Racing In the Rain. Your animal character can be innocent, but she need to engage with the world in some adult manner for an adult audience.
      If your animal characters engage in dark humor, then I suspect they have more adult qualities and that could help you to pull in your YA and adult readers.
      As far as the market for this type of writing, I’m not sure I can accurately say what publishers/agents want or shy away from. There’s always someone saying “Agents want THIS” or “Publishers want THAT”. I’m am sure of one thing: Agents, editors, and publishers want a GREAT STORY. My advise is to write your passion. Write a great story. Write a compelling POV character that the reader can relate to.
      I hope that helps.
      Best of luck with your wonderful story!

      • Dear Elizabeth,

        Thank you very much for your response and positive encouragement. I will do exactly that :o)

        I finally got to read your story Stone Dove and just wanted to say that I enjoyed it. I had a few questions I thought I’d ask you as I read it, but saw at the end that it was inspired by Sholeh Wolpe, so I won’t be bothering you with what exactly inspired you to write such an unusual, beautiful and almost haunting story, and who, what, where, when and why. But I am curious as to why you chose Slovakia as your setting. Was it due to you travelling there, or do you have roots there?

        Anyway, thank you for your story Elizabeth. I congratulate you on it, and on getting it published. What a wonderful feat :o)

        Best wishes,


      • Rosa~
        Yes, I have visited Slovakia – I have family there. The Tatra Mountains are someplace where I feel at home. I guess my blood remembers!

        “Stone Dove” is also part of a novel I’m writing.

        All the best~

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