Keep Your Story Straight with a Story Bible

Life's Sentences

This article was co-written by Sarah Parke and Elizabeth Beechwood.

Some writing projects require a lot of research, particularly novels that incorporate mythology, historical research, or invented languages.

If you’re working on a novel and finding yourself drowning in story details, you may want to create a Story Bible.

A Story Bible collects all the pertinent information about your novel in one convenient place. This includes character sheets, locations, pictures, and anything else you need to remember.

Author Elizabeth Beechwood heard about the concept of a Story Bible from another writer (because all the best writers borrow from one another).

“I was listening to a writer talk about writing a series. He had shopped his first novel as a stand-alone but was offered a three book deal if he could make it a series. He had to create a Story Bible to keep everything straight. I thought it sounded like…

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